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Renovations and Add-ons: Don’t Forget Your Electrical System

Home remodels are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners. Removing walls, expanding the kitchen, or even building on additional rooms can make your home more livable or increase the sale value.

However, while putting in new cabinets or bathroom tile might seem simple, people often forget that most home renovation projects require attention to the electrical system. You can’t have more lights, outlets, or even a bigger kitchen with nicer appliances without making some major electrical changes. 

Don’t put your home in danger by failing to make some crucial updates when renovating or adding on. Learn whether or not your renovation will require major electrical changes and what it could mean if you don’t get the right work done. 

3 Ways Your Kitchen Appliances May Be Wasting Electricity

kitchen appliances

Turning your water heater down, installing LED light bulbs, and checking to see which appliances and electronics waste electricity on standby are great first steps towards a more efficient home. However, did you know that some appliances, such as your refrigerator and dishwasher, can waste energy while they’re running–and in totally preventable ways?

This post lists three ways those kitchen appliances could be wasting electricity.

Quaint Old Houses Shouldn’t Have Quaint Old Wiring

The purchase of an older fixer-upper house is often a happy occasion for the buyers because the structure is one they can remodel and customize to their hearts’ content, without spending too much money on the actual purchase price. However, older homes often bring with them a basic problem: old wiring.

While the fact that the actual wires are old isn’t always bad, age can affect how well wiring works. However, if the wiring materials were of good quality, then age alone may not have an effect, and the electricity in the house could run just fine.

However, if the house still uses fuse boxes, or if the fuses were replaced with circuit breakers several decades ago, the amount of power available to the home may be too low because that wiring was installed with the power draws of those years in mind. In that sense, old wiring can be a real pain to use.

6 Ways to Minimize Disruption During a Home Rewiring Job

Having a home rewired is a big step but a smart one. If you have dangerous or old wiring, you’ll have a much safer and more efficient power delivery system when the electricians are finished. You also make your insurance company really happy.

There’s always disruption when a home is being rewired. But you can minimize the disruption by planning ahead and accommodating the rewiring team. Here are six ways to make life a little easier for you and your family while your home is being upgraded.


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