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Rewiring for Your Home in Park Ridge, IL

Do you know how old your wiring is? Do you have exposed or faulty wiring.. or the need to repair electrical conduits? Whatever the case, you probably need a rewiring upgrade to eliminate the risk of electrical fires as well the costs of repairs or complete home replacement. Rely on A to Z Electric Co. to bring your rewiring up to code in Park Ridge, IL.

The Risks of Old Wiring

Old wiring is both a safety hazard and a waste of money. While some people might not want to bother with or pay the cost of rewiring upgrades, old wiring increases your risks of:

  • Electrical fires

  • Increased electrical bills

  • High repair costs

  • Complete home replacement

  • Denied insurance coverage

Don’t let the small sum of a rewiring upgrade stop you from protecting your home and your family.

The Signs of Old Wiring

You might think that old wiring is hard to spot. However, that isn’t true. Here are a few easy signs to look out for:

  • Outdated electrical outlets or circuit breakers

  • Consistent breaker or fuse blowouts

  • Dim or flickering lights

  • Burning smells from a specific room or appliance

  • Bare wires

If you’re curious about your home’s electrical needs in Chicago, Cicero, Park Ridge, IL and the surrounding areas, call us today. We happily provide rewiring services and upgrades to ensure your home is safe and up to code.

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